Frequently Asked Questions

The average website project usually takes between 2 to 4 weeks to complete.  The  exact timeline for creating a website depends on many factors.  I will take your timeline seriously and will work to accommodate any time constraints.

Website costs are based on the features of the website, special functionality, and the number of pages.  Basic pricing information is available on my Pricing page.

Absolutely, I’m available to help update your current website or help you turn around any of your current website struggles.

I do not offer hosting in-house, but I will set you up with hosting company that I trust and use regularly.

Responsive website design ensures that your website looks great and is easily accessed and viewed on any device your customers finds you on, such as a desktop computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.

This is the first design I propose after our introductory questionnaire and branding conversation. It typically includes a homepage design and one subpage.

A revision round is the stage after the initial design in which I take your feedback and make changes to fit your preferences, brand strategy, time constraints, and budget. I request all revisions be documented in writing so it is clear and precise what changes need to be done.

This is any additional features outside of the initial agreement. It can also be called a New Work Order. Any extra costs will always be proposed for approval beforehand.

This is when we reach an agreement together in order to finalize the design of your website.

Content includes all the words on a website (bio, about, services, etc.), images, and video. It is all that makes up your website beyond the logo and design.

Absolutely, I have several resources available which I can use to locate and format stock photos for your website.  If you need photos of your business, I do not provide professional photographer services at this time.

1. Every project starts with an information gathering phase.  This is when I learn about your business, your goals, your target audience, your aesthetic preferences, etc.

2. Using the information I gather, we come up with an outline for your website together during a strategy session. The result of this strategy session is an outline that acts as a checklist for both of us — for me to create the site and for you to know what you need to provide (such as photos or text).

3. Next, I start designing a mockup of the Home page of your site — the most important landing page.  The design establishes the overall look and feel for the project, the framework (what’s available in the header and footer throughout the site, for example), and the layout and content for the Home page.

4. Once the Home page is in place, I provide you with login details so that you can check out the website in progress.

5. There’s time built into the process for changes at this phase, and once those changes are in place and approved, I move on to filling in the rest of the page content (and/or migrating blog content).  I optimize the layout of each page based on the content and goals for the page.

6. Once you have approved the completed website, I install Google Analytics, create an XML sitemap, and optimize your metadata for search engines.

7. I make an archive copy of your old website, if you currently have one.

8. Then, at last, the brand new website goes live!

Yes, I offer a monthly maintenance plan called Total Site Management.  I’ll take care of your website so you don’t have to and I will make sure your website continues to run smoothly, securely and worry free.

Call me today at (805) 443-3064 or fill out a new client questionnaire to get started.

Thank you! I look forward to working with you.